Friday, March 18, 2016

Vampires are Real

Someone asked me if uniting to fight a common enemy (such as aliens) could bring a unity to humanity.

I said that uniting to fight a common enemy could bring a temporary unity to humanity, but not a permanent one.

And that's because it is an external threat. So it does nothing to change people, at least in the long term.

But here is what could change people: humanity should unite to fight off the huge number of vampires that actually exist.

Have I, Jedi Grandmaster Farage, beloved by so many, lost my marbles? I'm sure my friends think so. Please give me a chance to redeem myself.

I'm actually serious about vampires being real. And there are more of them than there are humans.

Here are some of the common traits that vampires have:

  1. They feed off human blood - our life force.
  2. They can only live in the dark. Sunlight or fire kills them.
  3. A stake through the heart kills them.
  4. They are repulsed by a Cross, and Holy Water burns them.
But I am not speaking of the Dracula type of vampires.

I am speaking of the vampires that live within each of us.

We all have vampires that live in the dark within us. That is, they live mostly in our unconscious mind, so we are rarely aware of them.

And they suck our life force out by causing us to experience hate, or fear, or anger, or bigotry, or bitterness. As Yoda would say, "Vampires lead to the Dark Side of the Force."

Do we all not have many things we fear? Fear of those who are different than us? Fear of failing? Fear of succeeding?

Do we get angry every time a car pulls out in front of us, or if our spouse does something we don't like, or at the Republican Party or the Democratic Party, or when a waiter is slow to bring out drinks?

And yet, we usually aren't aware of how often we have such feelings. And we're also not aware of how much of our positive energy is being sucked out by these feelings.

But there is good news. Look at the list above and it will guide us as to how to get rid of our vampires. They cannot live in the light of consciousness. So as we become aware of some fear or hate or anger that we have, we can consciously bring it into the light, and into our awareness. And when we do so, we can immediately replace those negative feelings with positive ones.

I have a friend who was always getting mad at other drivers. Now, when a driver cuts her off, and she catches herself, she says, "Bless you." This immediately dispels negativity with positivity. The anger she used to experience did nothing to stop bad drivers, but it did harm her. No more.

Putting a stake through a vampire’s heart refers to getting right at the core of your negative thought or feeling, in order to rid yourself of it.

And the aversion to Crosses and Holy Water tells us that when we lead Godly lives - when we love others; when we follow the Golden Rule; when we use our talents to help others - that our inner vampires have no power over us.

And that is the best news of all. These inner vampires can only control us only if we allow them to. The power of the Light, the power of God, is infinite compared to their meager power.

It is when most of us step into the Light that our world will be transformed, and humanity will unite to create God's Kingdom on Earth. 

Tim Farage is a Senior Lecturer and Graduate Advisor in the Computer Science Department at The University of Texas at Dallas. The views expressed herein are his own. You are welcome to comment upon this blog entry and/or to contact him at

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