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Government based upon Natural Law - (Part 4) - The Advantages of a Natural Resource Tax


In a previous post, "Government based upon Natural Law - (Part 3) - The Income Tax is Bad", the many and various disadvantages to having an income tax were discussed.  In this post, fair, just, and efficient alternatives to the income tax are given.

What kinds of taxes are just?

What kinds of taxes are fair and just? Fair and just taxes are those that pay for the use of a government-provided service; these are frequently called "user fees".

Actually, many of our current taxes are just.  The gasoline tax is a good example.  The government (federal, state or local) builds and maintains the majority of the roads.  It is fair and just that those who use the roads the most should pay the most for them.   A semi-truck that travels 100,000 miles a year should clearly pay more for the roads than Aunt Pearl who drives to church on Sunday in her Ford Taurus.  Since the amount of gasoline a vehicle uses is proportional to the weight of that vehicle and t…

Government Based Upon Natural Law - (Part 3) - The Income Tax is Bad Idea

Unintended Consequences of the Income Tax

Ever since the IRS was established, people have complained about its abuses. Many bills have been passed in Congress in the hope they will correct some of these abuses. Unfortunately, any fix is doomed to fail.

It is not the IRS but Congress that has established a tax on income. (At least they even did it the right way – we passed a Constitutional Amendment that allowed Congress to tax income. Sadly, this was the one of the worst amendments ever passed). It was Congress that has modified a tax code that initially levied a 1% tax on those with above-average income to a tax code that is over a million words in length and that literally no one understands. The IRS is authorized by Congress to enforce this code and to collect such taxes. Since some people will try to hide income in order to avoid paying income tax, the IRS naturally tries to find these people. Is it a surprise that the IRS has a computer database that stores information …