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Why Everyone Should be a Christian - Even Atheists - Part 2 - Christianity Makes More Sense of the World than other Worldviews

PurposePart one of my Christmas post, "Why Everyone should be an Christian, even Atheists - Part 1", claimed that if everyone followed that set of Christian beliefs, we would have true Peace on Earth.

In the second and last part of this series, I attempt to show that adopting this Christian Worldview explains the world as we know it, and explains ourselves and our cultures better than any other worldview.

For ease of the reader, I re-list my Christian Worldview beliefs.
My Christian Worldview

1) We are to love God with all our heart and all our mind and all our soul.

2) We are to love all others, even our enemies.

3) We are to treat others as we would wish to be treated.

4) We are to use our talents to make the world a better place.

5) We are to help the poor.

6) We are all Children of God, and thus He has given each of us a ‘spark’ of Himself. Thus, we humans are brothers and sisters.

7) It is up to us to grow toward God by developing this spark of Chr…

Why Everyone Should be a Christian - Even Atheists - Part 1 - There Would be Peace on Earth

PurposeIt's Christmas time again, so why not post a blog about why it's good to be a Christian? The purpose of this post is to show that a Christian Worldview is superior to other worldviews, even if you are an Atheist. (By 'worldview', I mean one's philosophy of life). This will be done in two ways. In Part 1, I will show that there are only advantages to an individual and to the world if all were to adopt a Christian Worldview. In Part 2, I will show that the Christian Worldview gives the best explanation of as to how the world is, and why humans are the way we are.

The Atheistic Worldview

Let's say that you don’t believe in God or any other higher intelligence. Where does that leave you? Well, it leaves you - body, brain, and all, as the result of random processes, and natural laws. And what does that imply? Bertrand Russell gives an honest, excellent description of the result of such a belief system:

"That Man is the product of causes which h…

Statement of my Core Philosophical Beliefs

In brief, I am a Christian reincarnationist. So the beliefs below reflect this, and I believe they all are in harmony with Christ's teachings.
1) Every person is a child of God, and is here on Earth to grow toward God.
2) Each of us should love God and love others, even our enemies.
3) Each of us ought to treat others as we would like to be treated.
4) Each of us is to use our talents to help make the world a better place, including helping the poor.
5) Cause and effect operates in the realm of human interactions as well as in the realm of physical laws. Hence, the consequence of each person’s thoughts, words, or deeds will return to that person in kind. For example, loving thoughts or actions that benefit other people’s lives will come back to us as loving thoughts or actions which others show toward us.  Similarly, negative actions will result in a negative repercussion. To summarize, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”
6) Adults are personally responsible for their own lives…

Brief Biography of Tim Farage

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio to my excellent parents, Peter and Mary Farage.  I have two younger brothers, Mark and Chris, also excellent, except of course for Chris. My brothers, with a bit of help from their wives, gave me 5 (yes, excellent) nieces and nephews, except, of course, for my nephew, Eric.

As of December 28, 2007, I have completely lost my sense of humor.This is because my once beloved nephew, Eric, had the temerity to beat me in one of those idiotic video games.(Wii Tennis, if you must know).This is the first and only time I have ever lost at anything to anybody.

My parents were born in the US, but all four of my grandparents were born in Syria or Lebanon. They came to America in the early 1900's and helped to start the first Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church in Cleveland.

My paternal grandmother tutored Algebra while she was in Syria, and could keep scores in her head, so I credit her for my math genes.

My parents were and still are devout Orthodox Christians.  My f…

The Farage Family crest

The Farage Family Crest is the family crest of the Farage family starting from Peter Farage (b. 1923) and his wife, Mary Tamuty Farage (b. 1926).  It can be used by them or any of their descendants as well as the spouses of their descendants.  This is true even if the descendant does not have the last name of Farage.  For example if a female descendant marries, her children will presumably not have the last name of Farage, but they and their spouses still have the right to use the crest.
The crest represents the values of the Farage family.  The dominant feature is the Cross in the center representing the fact that we are Christians.  The rose blossom in the center of the Cross represents the blossoming of the Christ within us.  The yellow above the Cross represents dawn and the Sun, which represent the Resurrection - both the physical Resurrection of Christ and the Resurrection of the Chris within each of us - the Kingdom of Heaven within.
The Great Pyramid, from an im…

Letter to the Editor of the Dallas Morning News about the Benefits of Nuclear Energy

The following is a letter to the editor I wrote in response to an editorial about why we should not be using nuclear energy.
The Benefits of Generating Nuclear Power
ArjunMakhijani's column has it exactly backward: the facts are that nuclear energy is the safest, and cleanest source of energy that we currently have available.

He fails to mention that not even one single American has died as a result of a commercial American nuclear reactor incident. He fails to mention the fact that France generates about 80 percent of its electricity from nuclear reactors and not one single Frenchman has died because of it. He fails to mention that Great Britain delivers electricity from nuclear power at a cost of around 6 cents per kilowatt-hour – even less than what it costs using coal or natural gas.
He fails to mention that the waste heat from a nuclear power plant can be used to liquefy our own coal and turn it into oil, so that we would not be dependent on foreign sources of oil. …

My Interests

Online education
Spiritual growth
Rational and cost-effective environmentalism
Intelligent design
Family, Culture and its Influence on Society
City Planning and Design

Awards Received

I was honored to receive the President's Outstanding Teacher Award for the 2007-2008 school year.
I also received the Computer Science Excellence in Teaching Award for the 2003-2004 school year.
I was chosen as a finalist for the President's Outstanding Teacher Award for the 2008-2009 school year. ______________________________________
Tim Farage is a Senior Lecturer and Graduate Adviser in the Computer Science Department at The University of Texas at Dallas. The views expressed herein are his. You are welcome to comment upon this blog entry and/or to contact him

Pupose of thie Blog

The purpose of my blog is to present what I consider to be practical ways to make the world a better place – a place in which the various systems: educational, political, economic, environmental, scientific, family, cultural, city planning etc., are in harmony with Natural or Divine Law.  Natural Law is here defined as those laws determined by our Creator, that when followed in universally consistent ways, facilitate the physical, material, spiritual, and moral evolution of humanity – to help create a ‘New Renaissance’ in our world. _____________________________________
Tim Farage is a Senior Lecturer in the Computer Science Department at The University of Texas at Dallas. The views expressed herein are those of the author. You are welcome to comment upon this blog entry and/or to contact him

Intelligent Design - (Part I) - What does Intelligent Design Mean?

This is first partof a series of posts about intelligent design (ID).  Intelligent design has been vilified by some scientists who feel that it is religion encroaching upon science, which it does not. And it has also been conflated with creationism, even though creationism starts with assumptions that the Bible is to be taken literally, and ID is a scientific technique that has nothing to do with any religion. The first part of this series will deal with exactly what ID means. Later parts will bring forth some of the scientific evidence that support the involvement of an intelligence in the creation of the Universe and in biology. The last part will deal with the implications of intelligent design upon both science and religion.

In April 2007, at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, I had the good fortune of attending a two-day conference on intelligent design , sponsored by the Discovery Institute based in Seattle.  Four very smart and well-spoken scientists made …

Government Based Upon Natural Law - (Part 16) - Women in the Military


Recently, the Military Leadership Diversity Commission, established by Congress a few years ago, has said that women should be allowed to serve fully in combat.  "It is time to create a level playing field for all qualified service members," the commission said.  They went on to say, "Minorities and women still lag behind white men in terms of the number of military leadership positions.

"Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that he expected women to be let into special operation forces eventually.  A Pentagon spokeswoman said that the department would review the recommendations when the report is delivered.
Opponents have said that most women lack the necessary strength and stamina needed for battle.  They have also said that it could harm unit cohesion, and that Americans won't tolerate large numbers of women …