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In Memoriam: The Navy SEALs

I had just started reading Richard Marcinko's newest book in his Rogue Warrior fictional series about the Navy SEALs when the news broke that a helicopter with about 30 SEALs and some others was shot down, and all were killed.
Marcinko was the founder of SEAL Team 6, and his first book, Rogue Warrior, was a non-fiction one about its founding.  He, along with the rest of us, must be extremely sad about the recent loss of so many Navy SEALs.
Before the fictional part of his latest book, there was a page that had The Navy SEAL Prayer.  I thought it was an appropriate time to display the prayer here.
The Navy SEAL Prayer
Dear Father in Heaven,
If I may respectfully say so sometimes you are a strange God.
Though you love all mankind, it seems you have a special predilections too.
You seem to love those men who can stand up alone who face impossible odds. Who challenge every bully and every tyrant- Those men who know the heat and loneliness of a Calvary.
Possibly you cherish men of …

Now that Bin Laden is dead, where do we go from here?

I wish to start by congratulating the efforts of President Obama, our military and our intelligence services on finally bringing Osama to justice.  It has taken 10 years, but we did what we said we would do.  Now there can be some rest and closure to the thousands of Americans who lost loved ones on that day.  And we have also sent a strong message to those who wish to harm us: don't do it or you'll pay to the last farthing.
And now how should we handle our military?

1) We should always have the best military in the world, so that no country would think that they could prevail against us.  The U.S. Navy still dominates the oceans, and can defend the U.S. from attacks from just about anywhere in the world.
2) We have more than 350,000 troops deployed abroad in over 100 foreign bases.  Given that the only significant threat is that of Islamo-terrorism, there seems to be no reason for this.  We only need our intelligence agencies, and our special forces to find and eliminate threats…

Government Based Upon Natural Law - (Part 15) - Voting System Reform

Why do we need voting-system reform when our current system seems to be working fine?
The biggest problem with the current implementation of our voting system is that it virtually guarantees that the two current major political parties will continue to dominate, winning most of the elected positions in government.  And it should be apparent to all that the predominant interest of both parties is either to get into power or to stay in power.  For instance, neither party has balanced the federal budget for decades (with rare exceptions) because they fear losing the votes of the particular constituencies. This is because Congress would have to raise taxes or cut spending. We need people in government who will do what is best for our country, without worrying about their re-election chances.
What are some solutions to this, related to the voting system?
1) The first solution offers a way to lessen the impact that the two major political parties have by making it easier fo…