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The Top Five Lies and Half-Truths Found in Movies

Movies help to define and influence our culture.  But movies frequently reflect lies and half-truths about what is good and what is bad for humanity, and many do so in such a manner as to degrade our culture.
What are some of myths, lies, and half-truths perpetuated by movies?

1)Myth: Nuclear power is dangerous and has caused untold harm to us and the Earth.  Radioactivity has caused an untold number of mutations to humans, and to plants and animals.  Many movie monsters are the result of mutations due to radioactivity.
The Reality: Nuclear power provides the safest, least- polluting, baseload of energy that mankind has even known.  Not a single American has died as a result of radiation from a commercial nuclear power plant.  And this includes Americans on nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines.  This level of safety is unheard of in the history of humanity.
Another major advantage of using nuclear power is that we would no longer need to depend on …