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A New Study That Will Soothe Those Who Are Alarmed About Global Warming


You probably have heard many times that global warming has 'paused' for the last 15 to 19 years or so. There have been a number of studies dealing with this, and they have come up with dozens of explanations for it. Most scientists usually admit that further study needs to be done, and this is admirable, since no one really knows how to predict climate, in the short term or in the long term.  I will get to the newest study I've found on this 'pause' later on in this post. But now I wish to deal with the terminology that is increasingly being used euphemistically for 'man-made global warming', terms that only confuse the issues rather than clarify them. 

Many scientists and now many people have switched to the term 'climate change' instead of 'man-made global warming'. Of course, the Earth's climate is always changing, so everyone should believe in 'climate change'. Yet, many have switched to this meaningless term. I su…