Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Farage Family crest

The Farage Family Crest is the family crest of the Farage family starting from Peter Farage (b. 1923) and his wife, Mary Tamuty Farage (b. 1926).  It can be used by them or any of their descendants as well as the spouses of their descendants.  This is true even if the descendant does not have the last name of Farage.  For example if a female descendant marries, her children will presumably not have the last name of Farage, but they and their spouses still have the right to use the crest.

The crest represents the values of the Farage family.  The dominant feature is the Cross in the center representing the fact that we are Christians.  The rose blossom in the center of the Cross represents the blossoming of the Christ within us.  The yellow above the Cross represents dawn and the Sun, which represent the Resurrection - both the physical Resurrection of Christ and the Resurrection of the Chris within each of us - the Kingdom of Heaven within.

The Great Pyramid, from an image on the back of the US dollar bill, has the “all seeing eye” of God, representing the divine influence behind the formation of the United States.  The US flag represents our patriotism to the United States, the first country founded on the principle that the purpose of the government is to protect the right of individuals to be free.  The eagle represents strength, since any country that is not strong cannot last.

The words “Love”, “Strength” and “Wisdom” have their obvious meanings, but they also represent the three aspects of God: Strength, being the dominant feature of God the Father; Love, being the dominant feature of Christ and which also represents the Feminine aspect of God; and Wisdom, being the dominant feature of the Holy Spirit.  Biblically, Peter represented Strength, John represented Love and James represented Wisdom.  A person that manifests these three characteristics has the ability to use their talents to make the world a better place.

The “Freedom and Prosperity” at the bottom are there because a country that does not value those cannot last.  They are at the bottom because they are secondary to our being under God’s laws.

Finally the Farage Family Motto, “All of Creation Yearns for God”, is a paraphrase of Romans 8: 18-23.

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